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The Ticino Sports Association (ASTI) is very pleased to welcome to Ticino competitors of the European Orienteering Championships and the International 5-Days event in 2018.

The Organising Committee is working hard to honour in the best way its commitment to orienteers from all parts of the world. We are convinced that this event goes beyond the purely competitive aspects, ranging from multisport and touristic to cultural perspectives.

After the races, participants will in fact have the opportunity to choose from the lake, the mountains, or the many cultural opportunities that the region has to offer. The Organising Committee would like to sincerely thank all sponsors and authorities of the individual venues that will host the event for their active and constant support.

A special thanks also to the leaders of the military and civil protection, which will support the competitions by providing personnel and equipment.

Lastly, the Organizing Committee would like to thank the competitors and their families, and all supporters, and extends to them the most cordial welcome to Ticino for thegreat celebration of orienteering sport.

Francesco Guglielmetti, Chairman of the Organizing Comittee