Modification of Embargoed Areas

As of 5th February 2017, the following terrains are not embargoed anymore:

  • Cademario Nord
  • Lugano
  • Rivera

Also, the two following embargoed areas will be modified as follows:

  • Bellinzona:
    It is allowed to cross the competition area by railway and by the marked central main road.
    It is allowed to cross the competition area only by public transport on the marked dotted yellow tracks (to/from Monte Carasso and to/from Giubiasco), without stopping or exiting in the embargoed area.
    Access to hospital is allowed only in case of emergency.
  • Isone-Cima di Medeglia:
    For training purposes, the west part of the original embargoed area is now accessible.

Please check the updated general plan, with all embargoed and training areas.

All the above changes will be published in Bulletin 2, which will be issued in May 2017.